Protect the Integrity of Your Home’s Exterior
in Victoria & Surrounding Areas

While the exterior paint on your home might seem purely aesthetic, it also acts as an important barrier in protecting home from the damaging elements. To enhance your home’s integrity, exterior repainting is necessary. But yow often this needs to be done depends on a few factors including your home’s exterior finish, your location, and the quality of your last paint job.

Depending on the condition of the exterior and substrate, the team at We Paint can determine the amount of work required to enhance your home’s integrity. From extreme measures to just below the surface to maintain the profile, the choice is yours!

We have repainted hundreds of Victoria’s finest homes and look forward to repainting your home.

Protect Your House Coating with Preventative Maintenance

The destructive power of elements, unpredictable nature of old paint, and uncorrected or undetected house flaws all contribute to your house coating wearing off. However, the damage can be prevented to a certain extent with regular maintenance, such as We Paint’s preventative maintenance program.
Why Invest in Maintenance?

When we complete a custom home, we always provide the homeowner with a painting maintenance schedule. Reasons to stick to your schedule include:

  • Extending the life of your paint job by finding and correcting problem areas before they have a chance to develop.
  • Protecting the sides of the home that weather faster than others.
  • Slowing down the damage caused by the elements, especially for properties located on the water, on cliffs, etc.
  • Increasing your property’s appeal by preventing fading of the colours that don’t hold pigment well (almost black, rich blue, etc.).

Protecting History & Culture with Historical Building Restoration in Victoria

Being the owner of one of Victoria’s heritage homes gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate Canadian history and culture. However, it also makes you responsible for maintaining your home’s vibrant look. We Paint has the building restoration experience of working on many historical houses, accompanied by the appreciation for their beauty and style.

Protecting Victoria’s Heritage & Culture

You can trust our professional painters to bring out the vintage charm of your building with our established restoration practices and in-depth construction knowledge. What’s more, our painters work in strict accordance with the Victoria Heritage Foundation guidelines and policies regarding protection for our city’s heritage.

Let We Paint help you preserve the history and integrity of your heritage home, so that you can create a history of your own.